Discover the Latest Update of Keyword Explorer Tool

Asodesk is constantly working on improving its search query features, and the latest update brings exciting new enhancements to the Keyword Explorer tool. With Keyword Explorer 2.0, you can now analyze search results from the App Store and Google Play with ease.

The updated tool offers nine new features that enhance your analysis of search results, allowing you to monitor key metrics, evaluate brand-related queries, calculate average estimated installs per query, compare search results between app stores, and much more!

Track the History of a Query’s Popularity and Other Metrics

The updated Keyword Explorer now provides historical data for several important metrics.

These metrics include:

  1. Daily Impressions: Asodesk’s proprietary algorithm allows you to view the number of impressions per query per day.
  2. Total Apps: This metric shows the number of apps that are ranked for a search query.
  3. Search Ads Popularity: An official indicator that helps estimate the popularity of search queries within Search Ads in the App Store.
  4. Difficulty: Asodesk’s algorithm shows the difficulty of promoting a certain query.

To view the changes in these metrics over time, simply click the History button.

View Your Query History and Translate Queries into English

To make it easier for you to revisit past queries, the Keyword Explorer now includes a history feature. Additionally, queries can now be automatically translated into English, simplifying your work with foreign languages.

Check Which Queries are Branded

The updated Keyword Explorer introduces a new feature that allows you to determine if a query is associated with a competitor’s app. This feature helps you quickly identify branded queries and gain insights into your competition.

Estimate the Average Number of Installs per Query

With the new Avg. estimated installs widget, you can now estimate the number of potential installs for the top five positions in the search results. This valuable information helps you assess the potential impact of ranking in the top positions for a specific query.

Monitor How Positions Have Changed for Queries

In the Simple Search section of the Keyword Explorer, you can see the search results for a query.

The updated tool includes two new indicators:

  1. Rank history mini-graph: This graph shows the ranking dynamics over time.
  2. Movement: This indicator highlights the changes in rankings over the last seven days.

These new features provide valuable insights into how the positions of apps have changed for specific queries.

Track Indicators for Each Country in a Single Table

The Profile View section of the Keyword Explorer now allows you to track important indicators for each country in a single table. This includes metrics such as Rank, Daily Impressions, Monthly Downloads, Search Ads Popularity, and Total Apps.

Additionally, you can view the historical data for Daily Impressions, Search Ads Popularity, and Rank by clicking the History button.

Assess the Dynamics of App Positions by Day

The new Position history view graph in the Keyword Explorer allows you to track the history of search results by day. This valuable feature helps you monitor the dynamics of changes in your app’s positions over time.

Compare Search Results for the App Store and Google Play

Keyword Explorer can now be used as an independent tool outside of the Asodesk app. By navigating to the tool from the Main menu in the Store Analytics category, you can compare search results for the App Store and Google Play on the same screen.

The query input field now includes advanced filters that allow you to select both the App Store and Google Play simultaneously.

This provides you with dual search results for one keyword, giving you valuable insights into both app stores.

Additionally, the following metrics are displayed for both the App Store and Google Play:

  • Daily Impressions
  • Search Ads Popularity
  • Difficulty
  • Total Apps
  • Avg. estimated installs

You can also simultaneously view App Store and Google Play results for the branded query widget, the Position history graph, and the Analytics section.

Final Thoughts on Keyword Explorer Tool ASODesk

With the enhanced Keyword Explorer 2.0, analyzing the promotion potential of a query has never been easier or more efficient. The updated tool provides historical data for key metrics, the ability to identify brand-related queries, estimated installs per query, and dual search results for both app stores.

These enhancements contribute to a more rapid and effective analysis of search results. Try the updated tool for your apps in Asodesk and experience the benefits firsthand.